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encounter with a long-lashed big-eyed donkey on▓ the road to Hohhot, I have insisted on using beef. It▓ is a hearty stew, very basic, but just the thing for ▓cool nights and a hungry family. The wonder of thi▓s dish is that the potatoes absorb the sweetness of the m▓eat like sponges. And that is another reason why the potato is such a useful vegetable - it co▓mplements and enhanc

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es. Contrary to belief, the potato itself is not fattening. It is a complex carbohydrate and it also has its own store of trace minerals and vitam▓ins.

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It is only when it is deep-fried ▓in vats of fat, and then generously salted that it becomes an unhealthy fast food. My mother used to prove t

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he point with what she called her ABC soup.▓ It had vitamins A, B and C, she said and the main ingred▓ients were potatoes, carrots and tomatoes.

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